Tranwave approach is simple.  We concentrate on two things, and we do those things incredibly well:

1.  We ensure that your message appears as it is intended through the mode of transmission of your choice.
2.  We ensure that your message reaches the most accurate and targeted recipients available.


Tranwave utilizes databases containing over 220 million email addresses of consumers and businesses that have expressed a desire to receive advertising and marketing materials on the products and services you offer. Opt-in e-mail delivers permission-based promotional offers within a stand-alone email.  The e-mail is targeted to consumers and businesses that fit the profile you desire.  Choose from our extensive selection of targeting criteria.


Over 90 percent of Americans own a cell phone.  With Rich Media’s direct mobile marketing services, your company can take advantage of this fact by targeting over 100 million permission-based mobile participants using hundreds of different selects.

One of the main advantages of mobile phones is the fact that they are mobile.  They are intended to be easily carried with us, almost anywhere.  With millions of Americans carrying mobile phones wherever they go, your marketing campaigns have the ability to reach more people, more quickly, and more efficiently than ever!

Whether your marketing needs include increasing website traffic, bringing customers to your “brick-and-mortar” business, providing links or coupon codes to drive sales, etc. Rich Media’s permission-based mobile service is an excellent way to meet your goals and ultimately increase revenue for your business.


Increase the value of your customer database with Tranwave Data Appending Services.  By appending your existing database we can provide you with the email addresses of your current customer network that will drastically improve your exposure by adding additional and highly effective channels of communication to your marketing strategy.


Although there are many benefits to online and mobile advertising, it is also highly effective to send mail the old fashioned way.  In fact, a Direct Marketing Association (DMA) study revealed that, on average, direct mail advertising gives a 13 to 1 return on investment (ROI).  With an ROI that high, it is important not to overlook direct mail campaigns as something of the past.  Direct mail is still a highly beneficial tool for advertisers and should continue for many years to come. Tranwave Production LLC offers highly reliable segmented list rentals that can allow your creative print advertisements the ability to reach millions of people.  Whether B2C or B2B, allow us to provide targeted and affordable lists so that your messages are heard by your target audience.

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